Friday, 1 July 2016

RVHD2 - Filavac vaccine - FAQ

FAQs Do existing RHD1 vaccines work? Because the mortality rate is lower with RHD2, any test using a small number of rabbits could easily show protection just because none of them were going to die anyway. There is some anecdotal evidence that RHD1 vaccines have some short term effect, but nothing peer reviewed. How much will the vaccine cost? This depends on vial sizes ordered, the number of rabbits one has, the specific vaccine used, and the pricing structure of your veterinary practice. Please discuss this with your veterinary practice. How will you get it from your vet? NVS have asked us to slow things down as they are getting overwhelmed. Please only go through your vets, and ask them to look out for our updates before calling NVS, to avoid overwhelming them still further. Your vets will need their own license, which, now all the info is on the VMD site and is approved, should be straightforward to do. However, this is not as simple as writing a prescription, and your vet may not see enough rabbits for this to be a practical option for them. What dose regime is suggested? Please remember that the use of these products is both off licence (although under the Cascade), and subject to the VMD’s directions on importation of immunological products. As a result, although the manufacturers of the Filavac product suggest that vaccination can be at the same time as the Nobivac RHD-Myxo, as long as it is not in the same site or the same syringe, standard advice with immunological products not licensed for simultaneous administration is to space them out by at least 2 weeks. The manufacturers advice is to administer a single dose of the vaccine, followed by annual boosters in low risk situations, and 6 monthly in the case of breeding does at high risk. In the UK, I would suggest that high risk situations include rescue centres and breeders, unless they have a strict quarantine policy, and those rabbits which have greater contact with wild rabbits, as well as any geographical location where cases have been reported recently.

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