Sunday, 28 August 2011

Campaign update

The latest campaign update has been added to the website. This is a regular part of Rabbiting On magazine, you can join on-line and make sure you don't miss your copy.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Community Save

Cute as those meerkats are, you can support RWAF campaigns by comparing the market through Community Save.

This is a price comparison website with a difference. If you change your power supplier via Community Save, and use the RWAF password RABBIT WELFARE while you're doing it, (exactly as it is written here all in capital letters) Community Save will give us some money, that we will put to good use, helping rabbits.

Furthermore, if you know of any other good causes that want to join the scheme, let us know about them. If they register having heard about Community Save from the RWAF, we will get a bonus of 20% of all the funds they raise.

So, we all get cheaper fuel bills, other good causes receive funds from Community Save and most of all, the RWAF receives funding every time somebody uses our RABBIT WELFARE password to change supplier using Community Save, or when one of those other good causes raises funds in the same way.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Pet rabbits being stolen from gardens in Ratcliffe, Bury.

Once again another report of rabbits being stolen from gardens in the Ratcliffe area of Bury, near Manchester.

Please take all precautions to ensure that garden gates are securely bolted, fences are secure, wendy houses and sheds that house your bunnies have adequate locks. Thieves will attempt to remove the hutch if it is an easy option.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Dear rabbit owner

This is the time of year when rabbit sales are at their peak and we get the most complaints from people concerned about their neighbours' rabbit(s), so we have created a pdf for people to print off and give to their neighbour or friend, anonymously if need be, to address their concerns. We've made a summer and a winter version, and they can both be found on our homepage ;

Monday, 15 August 2011

Myxi and VHD cases still being reported

Myxi continues to rear its ugly head around the UK and I doubt it will ever go away. Reports come in daily from members.

VHD is the silent killer, but as our leaflet explains it is “Deadly, But Preventable “

In the last 4 weeks a confirmed report came in of a death from VHD in Burgess Hill West Sussex and from Burton On Trent and Warwick.. There is an unconfirmed report in the Nottingham area.

The virus can survive for up to 105 days in the environment, but this is at low temperatures , with a sliding scale of downward viral survival duration at higher temperatures. So this is the best time to have an outbreak. If your rabbits are not vaccinated, and want your bunnies to live a happy and healthy life, please have them vaccinated

RWA/F member and veterinary nurse Laura Slinger who works for the practice that admitted the VHD case told us . The VHD case was a 6 year old english butterfly, never vaccinated, found her Saturday morning collapsed and twitching - rushed in, bleeding from eyes, vulva and anus, abdomen full of blood - it really has hit home how many people continue to say 'ah vaccination its not necessary anymore' - it is the first VHD and I think the 4th domestic myxi case in my 12 year career so far, just terrible, really affected me! I'm not as tough as everyone says

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Wetnose awards

The wetnose awards are coming soon! Nominate your favourite rescue today!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Fly strike - don't get caught out.

New article about flystrike on the website, keep an eye on the home page as we add things regularly.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

VHD Outbreak

It is not often that we receive reports of VHD outbreaks.

VN Laura Slinger who is a veterinary nurse in Burton On Trent, has seen a case of VHD at her practice. Also a case of myxi. Reports in the last few days have come in of deaths from myxi in Leybourne Kent and sightings of wild rabbits in East Yorkshire, West Sussex, Gloucestershire and South Wales.

Monday, 1 August 2011

A hutch is not enough

This is the time of year when rabbit sales peak, and people need to be reminded about how to properly care for pet rabbits so please keep sharing our 'A hutch is not enough' video.

RSPCA Tweetathon

The RWAF is dedicated to improving the lives of pet rabbits and ishappy to support the RSPCA's tweetathon to help highlight the issues that these popular, but often neglected pets face every day. Many people take on rabbits without realising their complex care needs, and our A Hutch is Not Enough camapign seeks to properly educate owners and retailers about these needs. Sadly, many thousands of rabbits end up in rescue every year and rescues, as well as organisations like the RSPCA are left to pick up the pieces.