Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Love Rabbits? You'll love the RWAF!

We believe 'A hutch is not enough. Too many rabbits are kept alone in a small hutch forgotten at the end of the garden . Why not join us and support our campaigns to improve rabbit welfare, and at the same time treat yourself to our fantastic quarterly Rabbiting On Magazine.

Anyone that joins between now and Easter can make the most of our special offer - 15 months membership for the price of 12 - which means one free Rabbiting On!

For more info about Rabbiting On look here:

Please use the code RO15 to get this offer when you join, which you can do on-line:

We are a non profit making registered charity (reg no 1085689) dedicated to improving the lives of rabbits kept as pets.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Got any rabbit owning friends?

The university of Bristol are very grateful to all RWAF members who have kindly
filled in their online survey and are delighted that 251 have done so already. For comparison they are very keen to recruit owners who are not such "rabbit enthusiasts". So do you have friends and family who have a rabbit and may be willing to help?
Are you a member of a club or a non-rabbit forum that could help us to reach a wide variety of rabbit owners? Or maybe you could even post the survey link on your facebook page. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
And if they fill in the survey they could even win £100!

Replies are needed by the end of April please.

Monday, 14 March 2011

The RWAF are hoping to make 2011 the year for the rabbit.

One of our key activities is taking part in Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) in May with other major welfare organisations such as RSPCA, PDSA, Blue Cross and the main sponsor Burgess Pet Care. RAW will be in a pet shop or Vet near you very soon, and will be raising the profile of pet rabbits and their welfare needs, with this year’s focus being on behaviour. Rabbits have some fascinating natural behaviours but often are unable to display these as pets due to inadequate accommodation and living alone. Please look at the RAW website for more information.

As well as continuing with our successful 'A Hutch is Not Enough' campaign, we also have a series of press releases and awareness campaigns in the pipeline over the coming months – all aimed at dispelling the myth that rabbits can live happily alone in a hutch. We have started with our Wedding Vows press release to try and ‘bunny-back’ onto the media interest in the forthcoming royal wedding. We will keep you informed of our campaigns and progress via our website, facebook and news blog so please keep an eye out – and if you haven’t joined or registered with our facebook group then please do sign up!!/pages/The-Rabbit-Welfare-Association-and-Fund/191449507147?sk=wall&filter=2

We believe that 'A Hutch is Not Enough' and that every pet rabbit deserves to live in an area that permanently allows them to display their natural behaviours such as running, digging, jumping, foraging, and grooming another rabbit. A hutch is a shelter and should only be used as part of a larger living area. Rabbits should be neutered and vaccinated and have the companionship of another neutered rabbit, and a good quality diet with hay or forage provided for health and emotional enrichment reasons. We will work to improve the lives of rabbits in the UK by spreading the messages above, and aim to raise the status of the pet rabbit to that of the pet cat and dog.

In 2011 the RWAF have set the following core objectives:

- To raise the profile of the pet rabbits and their welfare needs by educating owners and potential owners alike, and by working with the retail industry to improve standards.

- To raise awareness that rabbits are not cheap and easy children’s pets and to discourage people from taking on rabbits if they are unlikely to be responsible owners.

- To continue to campaign, including our 'A Hutch is Not Enough' campaign, which is gaining support and is already making a difference - with retailers withdrawing tiny 3ft hutches from sale and including 6ft and larger hutches in their range - and our 'Toys Aren’t Us' message which reminds potential owners that rabbits, despite their cute and fluffy looks, are not toys that can be discarded after a few months.

- To increase membership of the RWA - because more members means a bigger voice to shout with.

- To support the vital work of rescue shelters wherever we can.

Every activity we undertake this year will be in line with our core objectives.

We will be clear and transparent with our members about our activities.
We will focus on a positive behaviour change for owners and retailers.
We will work with other like minded organisations to further achieve our common goals.
We will be pragmatic – we will work with organisations with whom we may not be like minded, but where there is a necessity for a dialogue in order to impart our values and improve standards to benefit pet rabbits.
We will not compromise our beliefs
We will not accept flimsy excuses from retailers; we will name and shame those who ignore our messages and put profit before welfare.
We accept sponsorship but will never compromise our agenda – to improve the lives of pet rabbits – to appease a sponsor.

Our over arching mission is to improve the lives of rabbits kept as pets in the UK.

So if you love rabbits and want to help us help them - please join.
You will get our fantastic magazine 'Rabbiting On' every quarter, and you will be helping us to continue our work.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Pet Partners for life - a right Royal Vow

Rabbits score lowest in welfare terms in landmark repot

Read the PDSA's Animal Wellbeing (PAW) ereport 2011 - the state of our pets. Rabbits score the lowest, with companionship being the lowest score in the survey over all.