Wednesday, 26 October 2011

'How to - Pets for Life'

The RWAF vet advisor Richard Saunders BSc (Hons) BVSc MSB CBiol DZooMed (Mammalian) MRCVS Referral Vet, Zoo and Exotic Species, recently filmed an interview for the 'How to - Pets for Life series' and it was aired last night. Did anyone see it? If not, you have the chance to watch it again on Sunday 30th October at 6pm on Sky 201 or Freesat 403.

Welfare Wednesday - The trick is to vaccinate

It's Welfare Wednesday again - this week we are reminding everyone to vaccinate their rabbits against both myxi and VHD, because this is the best protection we can give them,and both diseases are deadly.
RWA members will receive the attached poster in the next issue of Rabbiting On - but it is also available on our website - please share and help us spread the word - "magic won't protect our, the trick is to vaccinate"

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Monday, 24 October 2011

Adverse reactions to drugs

On occasions, some animals can respond badly to a medication. This may be a one off in that individual, or due to a unique or rare combination of circumstances, but it may be something that, whilst uncommon, happens in enough animals to suggest modifying the drug, the dose, or the use of the drug in certain circumstances, or in extreme cases, advice not to use a product at all, or even withdraw it. Note that a vaccine failing to protect an animal from that disease counts as an "adverse reaction". The only way the licensing authorities and drug companies can make such a judgement is with sufficient information from those vets and owners encountering problems. This is always best done through your vet, as they will have all the information the company needs, and will be able to ensure that any relevant data is made available. If for some reason this is not possible, it is possible for owners to submit the adverse reactions form. A compromise might be for owners to download the form and request that their vet complete the technical sections. The suspected adverse reactions form can be found on the Veterinary Medicines Directorate website at:

Sunday, 23 October 2011

RWAF survey

You could win £100 by taking part in the RWAF survey

Friday, 21 October 2011

Fundraising Friday

Fundraising Friday

Are you a runner or a walker? Is it your way of keeping fit and seeing the great outdoors? You could kill another bird (so to speak) with that same stone, if you entered an organised run or walk and raised sponsorship for the RWF while doing it.

Entries are being taken at present for the London Marathon, the Edinburgh Marathon and many more. There's a list here of the many, many runs that take place up and down the UK, so there's bound to be one near you.

Will you help us to help rabbits? Not quite 'Run, Rabbit, Run', more 'Help!'

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Vitamin c and oxolates in rabbits

Studies on vitamin c excess being converted to oxolates, which may start kidney stones are largely based on humans, who, like guinea pigs, DO need vitamin c from their diet as they can not produce their own, so do absorb it into their bodies. Rabbits DO NOT need vitamin C in this way as they produce it themselves, and there is no evidence that they even abso...rb it from their food, so this subject is not clear cut and therefore controversial. Some studies have shown in rabbits that a high intake of vit c did not contribute to the formation of stones, and some argue that what they are fed is of little significance because they produce so much themselves. Our advice, is that healthy rabbits should not be fed a Vit C supplement, and for this reason guinea pig food should be avoided.

Gearing up for winter

It's welfare wednesday - and this week we want your input please. Snow is forecast this month, so we hope everyone with outdoor bunnies is thinking about keeping them warm and dry, and still allowing them to exercise. Bedding areas should be kept clean and dry, and filled with straw (because it is warmer than hay). Dont forget to add a tarpaulin to your exercise run to offer shelter from the rain and snow, and this will allow the rabbits to have their regular exercise. Snuggle safe pads are great for keeping rabbits warm over night, and dont forget to keep a spare water bottle so that if one freezes you can replace it with another. Hutches can be brought into empty garden sheds, and the rabbits can have the run of the shed too. Ofcourse, the best way of keeping rabbits warm over the winter is to keep them in pairs so that they can snuggle together. Have you got any tips you would like to share? We will pick the best ones and add them to the website.

Friday, 14 October 2011

RWAF Fundraising Friday

We'd like to print 3000 more posters to distribute to vets' surgeries, petshops, schools, in fact anywhere that they'd reach people who might already own a rabbit, or be thinking of getting one. That will cost us £300.

Please help us raise that money by buying merchandise from the RWAF shop, by making donations at the shop, by text (RWAF11£1 - up to £10 to 70070) or at, or by starting a fundraiser of your own for the Rabbit Welfare Fund.

Anything you can do will help us get a little bit nearer our goal to help as many rabbits as possible have a happy, secure life

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Welfare Wednesday

It's Welfare Wednesday again, so please help us raise awareness by sharing this poster. Because A hutch is not enough.

Show your support for our ' A hutch is not enough' campaign

Show your support for our ‘A hutch is not enough’ campaign with our new range of merchandise – Tee’s, sweatshirts and hoodies available. All funds go straight towards our campaign.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Is beetroot safe for rabbits?

There has been some discussion about beetroot - it's the leaves that are the concern, due to high oxalate content. In most plants, this content increases with the age of the plant, so a small amount of fresh leaves should be OK, but the more aged leaves should be avoided, as oxalate can lead to kidney damage.

The beetroot itself should be ok, in small quantities, but is quite starchy and probably isnt a good thing to feed them in general. And be aware it can cause dramatic urine colour change!

Fundraising Friday

Christmas is looming and love it or hate it, so is Christmas shopping.

The stores will be packed, parking will be difficult and pretty soon you're going to feel exhausted.

So why not make it easier on yourself and help out the RWAF with our work into the bargain by doing your Christmas shopping online through Give As You Live?

Register with Give As You Live as a supporter of the British Houserabbit Association Rabbit Welfare Fund and off you go. You'll be delighted at the stores who will sell to you at their normal rate and donate some of their profit to us. You'll also be notified of discounts for Give As You Live customers.

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