Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Magicians - BBC One, 15th January 2011

Good grief, did anyone see 'The Magicians' last night? Surely the use of live rabbits was not necessary and as a prey species the rabbits looked scared, were handled inappropriately, depicted inappropriately (cramped in a small shed and in buckets!) and we fear that children may try to copy what they saw on a prime time show which should quite frankly have known better. We can only be grateful that they stopped short of pulling them out by their ears.

It starts from around 40 minutes in.

We have written to the BBC to complain about the use of live rabbits on the show and would encourage anyone else who was offended, upset or angered by what they saw to do the same.

The BBC's 'how to make a complaint' link can be found here:


  1. Yes it was hideous! I complained to the BBC last night (1st time I've ever been moved to complain). Still finding it incomprehensible today but because the buns were essentially cute I'm sure there will be an influx of children visiting the pet shops wanting a rabbit :((

  2. Yes, and thinking they can be put into a bucket, or cramped in a small hutch, treated like an aeroplane or telephone..
    And what has happened to them all now?


    Please also provide polite feedback to Ofcom.

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  5. Ofcom have confirmed that they did not see anything wrong with the show.
    The RSPCA have advised that their Performing Animals Officer is looking in to this however.